Time Management Skills for a Busy Moms Daily Routine

All busy moms would know that our daily routine would probably be a lot less stressful and involve more relaxing moments if we knew how to manage our time better. Here are some time management skills that should help.

  1. Busy moms should use an answering machine on their phone. And then determine that some jobs should not be interrupted and do not answer the phone during those times. Once such moment is as you walk out the door to an appointment. It will stop you being late on many occasions!
  2. For information you fill out regularly, create a form you can print out regularly rather than rewrite it each time. For example, grocery lists or family info for babysitters. For all the forms you would need order your own copy of the Organized Woman’s’ Family Planner.
  3. When planning your daily ‘To-Do’ list, do similar location tasks together. For example, doing the weeding, hanging out washing and feeding the cat are all outside jobs so I do them together. I also plan to do all my ‘in town’ jobs on the same day.
  4. Busy moms should plan to do errands around town on a day you know it is not so busy. That would be almost any day except Thursdays and Saturdays for me. The busier it is, the longer it takes to get around, go through checkouts and even walk down a footpath! Even choosing a quiet time of day would be helpful.
  5. Take a small calendar / diary with you everywhere you go. It will mean you can check your availability straight away when booking return doctors visits, organizing to catch up with a girlfriend you meet down the street or jotting down prices of items you want to compare at another store. If you have a bigger handbag, the A5 version of the Organized Woman’s Family Planner would be ideal.
  6. Have a list of your goals and what you want to achieve for the year in a place you will see regularly. Not only will it remind you to keep working on them but it will help when making decisions about how you are spending your time. As you do your ‘to-do’ list each day, evaluate against your goals and achievements for the year. A good place to keep them is in your family planner.
  7. It is important for busy moms to evaluate and decide on your days activities according to your energy levels. On days where you are sick or have not had much sleep due to a sick child being up through the night, set yourself small and less energetic tasks and plan to have a rest yourself too. It will mean you are ready to get back into it the following day. Be realistic!
  8. Do a phone call pre-check before dropping in to see a friend, getting a specific item from a shop, leaving to catch a plane or going for a doctor’s appointment. It may save you an unnecessary trip into town or stop you from enduring a long wait in a waiting room.
  9. Plan how long you think a task will take and try and stick to it
  10. Always carry a spare house and car key – need I say more because I think we have all been there!

I know you have plenty of other ideas of how busy moms can manage their time better during the day. Share your ideas on the Contact me page so I can share them with the rest of our readers!


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