Our Top 30 Family Traditions

Family Traditions are definitely the best way to build a strong family.

The key is to set some traditions and do them so you do have fun together and create lasting memories.

The steps to making successful family traditions are pretty easy. 


Number one create expectation and anticipation by planning the family activities together and doing it the same time each year.

Number two is just to actually be together. There is no family tradition if you just set an activity for the kids to do. They passionately want to spend time with you and often the actual activity doesn’t matter so much!

Number three make sure you communicate to everyone that this is going to be a family tradition 

Quick Reference Guide

So here are some of the top 30 Family Traditions to get you started!

1. Friday night family and games night. Order in or make special food together and then take turns each week to choose what game you will play. There are some powerful benefits of playing family board games together!

2. Take holidays with family that don’t live close to you so you can catch up and kids don’t miss out on loving those they are related to. This has been a popular family tradition for our family and ensured we've always had good relationships with those family far away.

3. In good weather, set aside time to go hunting or fishing together

4. Learn new songs on road trips together. For other fun travel games check out these car travel games 

5. Research and scrapbook your own family tree and history book. Check out this Online Genealogy store ,selling products to create a family heritage or family history album as well as charts, how-to books,scrapbooking products and supplies, and helpful information and links to start your family tree research. 

6. Watch movies cuddled up on the couch together on wet, stormy nights

7. Children to play outside after school each day rather than sit inside and watch television

8. Set a day or time slot that television is to be watched in your week. Don’t get into the habit of having it on all the time. Your imaginations and energy levels will disappear and no real run will be had together.

"There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominating virtues of human society, are created, strengthened and maintained”

Quote by Winston Churchill

9. Go to pet stores just to look

10. Pack a picnic and go explore new places or play at local parks, rivers or beaches

11. Do jigsaw puzzles or make things together on rainy days

12. Ride bikes or take walks together on Saturday afternoons

13. Do a theme park holiday at least once

14. In summer, camp outside together one night and lie on your back watching the stars while you talk

15. Go camping at LEAST once a year!

16. Do things together no matter what they are. If one has a job to do, all join in and make it a family activity.

17. Read a book together before bed each night

family camping tradition each summer

18. Say prayers together each night

19. After dinner each night, before anyone leaves the table take turns each night to share a favourite Bible verse, what it means to you and what we can learn from it. If children are too young, just the adults take turns.

20. Sleep late on Saturday mornings and cook a special breakfast.

21. On someone’s birthday don’t just write them a card but use their name as an acronym to describe what they mean to you, give them a family massage and each person tell them what is the favourite thing you love about them or have done with them during the past year.

22. Create anticipation in what you do by planning family activities together.

23. At least one day on your holidays do a Treasure Hunt. Your theme could be to learn what there is nature, colours, the alphabet, or parts of a familiar story

24. Once a year one of you takes one of the kids to breakfast. Do this with each child once a year. Don’t have a time schedule or an agenda just be prepared to listen

25. Take a time each day to talk with your kids. The best time is before bed as part of the going to sleep routine. You can ask the highlight and lowlight of each day. Its amazing what conversations will occur if you are prepared to listen. Take time to discuss different issues that may have been raised. (We get in trouble if we forget this one!)

26. Do a photo shoot together

27. Build a project together. Some of the best ideas are cubby houses, rabbit hutches, model boats or airplanes etc.

28. Start a collection together. It could be stamps, coins, shells.

29. Make one morning a week a special breakfast day. Our family sometimes makes Saturday mornings an egg and bacon with hot hocolate / coffee morning and Sundays is our pancake breakky! We sit around, enjoy the aroma, chat together and plan our day. It's a special time because every other morning is rushed as we go off to work or school etc.

30. Plan an annual weekend or night stay where the children stay with extended family and you as parents have some couple time. We try to do this to celebrate our anniversary each year. It's an important family tradition because it encourages you as a couple to stay in love and therefore your family unit will be strong too! 

If you would love some creative and crafty ideas to use as part of your traditions and activities, go to www.moms-holiday-craft-ideas. Mom's Holiday Craft Ideas has plenty of crafts you could do as part of your family tradition. Such as ideas for Easter egg coloring, making your own Christmas decorations, or even finding new holidays to celebrate as a family. 

Enjoy developing your own family traditions and don’t forget to share with us ones that have been successful and meaningful for you so that we can be inspired too!


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