How To Organize Clutter

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Learning how to organize clutter will revolutionise your life. I know because naturally I’m a hoarder! I’m so sure I may need that extra ‘thingamebob’ one day. But all it does is waste my time when I’m trying to find things, frustrate me because I have to clean it or around it and makes me feel tense because clutter looks messy!


Clutter is...

  • plastic toy parts from a toy that will never get fixed
  • clothes we don’t wear
  • last year’s magazines
  • parts to an object or tool we no longer have
  • books your child needed for school…and that was 10 years ago
  • paperwork, paper and more paper
  • ashtrays, wall hangings, plastic ware we never use
  • broken items, shoes that were never the same after they got wet…

Did you recognize any items of your own there you need to deal with?


  • Takes up more space than it deserves
  • Wastes your time. You end up spending all your time searching around it for what you really need!
  • Wastes money. You end up buying extra of what you already had because you didn’t know you had it! I mean, how many cans of kidney beans or tinned tomatoes do I need? Will I really need 7 this week? That’s how many had accumulated because I couldn’t see them for all the clutter in my pantry!
  • Wastes Energy. You have to clean it, sort through it, move it to get around or behind it. So declutter and get rid of it!
  • Clutter is ugly. It looks awful and makes you feel stressed and in a bad mood just by looking at it.
  • Clutter is dangerous. You can trip over it, it can fall on you if stored badly, it can cause numerous household accidents.

Your Clutter Quiz

Was the last time you used the item less than 18 months ago?
Does it deserve a space in your home?
Are there memories attached to the item that are highly significant to you?
If it needs fixing would you fix it within the month?


    1. Schedule a time to attack it when you have a big block of time and hopefully with some help. You’ll be encouraged by what you get done due to minimal interruptions. If you don’t have a heap of time, just select one room to focus on this time month.

    2. Wear comfortable old clothes that won’t get in the way or matter if they get dusty

    3. Get three big boxes and label Storage, Donate, Sell. Anything that doesn’t fit in these categories obviously goes back into drawers and closets.

    4. Knowing how to organize clutter involves being systematic. Work on one room at a time and work your way from one end to the other sorting through every item. Check in boxes, drawers, on shelves, bookcases, floors and tabletops.

    5. Eliminate all distractions. Organize a baby sitter or get the children to help. Turn the answering machine on or take the phone off the hook. Set times for food and drink breaks so you’re not getting up all the time. Try not to go down memory lane with every item you pick up!

    6. Create a fun working atmosphere. Put on some boppy music as long as you don’t get carried away dancing!

    7. Get rid of as much as possible. Knowing how to organize clutter means you need to be ruthless. Guaranteed, this time next year you will have accumulated just as much if not more again.

    8. Remember to put everything through the Clutter Test

    9. Keep thinking about how much this is going to help your family live more efficiently and peacefully.

    10. Set aside 5 minutes each week to do update Clutter Attacks in the hotspot areas which are

    • Fridge shelves
    • Top of fridge
    • Pantry (one shelf at a time)
    • Bathroom drawer / shelf
    • Desk top
    • Coffee table shelf / drawer
    • Handbag (oh my goodness – I almost forgot this one!)
    • Other areas that have the tendency to regularly accumulate items in your house

    11. Knowing how to organize clutter is learning to deal with:

    • Duplicate items
    • Outdated items
    • Outgrown items
    • Broken or damaged items
    • Incomplete sets
    • Items you haven’t looked at or touched for a year
    • Books / magazines you never read

    Once you know how to organize clutter, the key is to keep at it regularly and do little spot attacks on different rooms of the house. Keeping the house an enjoyable place to live is much more achievable this way!


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